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EasyTimeline 1.90

Timeline generation failed: 1 error found
Line 6: ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:5 start:1600

- Scale attribute 'start' invalid.

 Date '1600' not within range as specified by command Period.

EasyTimeline 1.9

Timeline generation failed: 4 errors found
Line 1: Preset = TimeHorizontal_AutoPlaceBars_Unitmonth

- Preset value invalid.

 At the moment two presets are available:
TimeVertical_OneBar_UnitYear and TimeHorizontal_AutoPlaceBars_UnitYear
See also meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/EasyTimeline/Presets

Line 2: ImageSize = width:1400 barincrement:17

- ImageSize attribute 'barincrement' not valid now.

 This attribute is only valid (and mandatory) in combination with 'width:auto' or 'height:auto'

Line 3: PlotArea = left:15 right:20 bottom:30

- PlotArea definition incomplete. Either attribute 'top' (advised) or 'height' should be specified

Line 45: PlotData =

- PlotData invalid. No (valid) command 'TimeAxis' specified in previous lines.