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Detailed list[edit]

09:23, 22 August 2015 (UTC)


  • The "Total" column refers to the number of pages in all namespaces, including both articles (the official article count of each wiki) and non-articles (user pages, images, talk pages, "project" pages, categories, and templates).
  • "Active Users" are registered users who have made at least one edit in the last thirty days.
  • "Images" is the number of locally uploaded files. Note that some large Wikipedias don't use local images and rely on Commons completely, so the value 0 is not a glitch.
  • The "Depth" column (Edits/Articles × Non-Articles/Articles × [1−Stub-ratio]) is a rough indicator of a Wikipedia’s quality, showing how frequently its articles are updated. It does not refer to academic quality.

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Grand Total[edit]

Articles Total Edits Admins Users Active Users Images
55,850,976 229,099,321 2,920,553,498 3,891 94,294,587 361,490 2,647,928