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Ev malper ji bo ku nivîsbariya MediaWiki'yê û versiyonên wî bê testkirin hatiye vekirin. Guhertinên nivîsbariyê berî ku di wîkîyên din bên bi kar anîn ji vir dikare were dîtin. Naveroka vê rûpelê dikare winda bibe an jî çewtîyan bihundirîne. Ji ber vê yekê KODên ku li vir in ji bo ku di wîkî'yên xwe de bi kar bînin bi van kodan ewle nebin...!


Guhertoya guncav ê ko vêga tê şixulîn û tetbîqkirin: 1.39.0-wmf.25 (cec9041).

What we do on this wiki

This is a website for the developers of Wikimedia wikis (that means a number of well-known wikis, including those below) to test their latest coding. This site is a "testing area" of sorts, which allows code to be tested in a controlled environment, without damaging other wikis. This wiki can also be used as a classroom to teach basic wiki editing without damaging other wikis.

This is not Wikipedia or any other content wiki—for them see below—but rather a testing ground for developers. There's not much you can do here unless you're testing code; if you're looking to contribute content, you may wish to visit one of the Wikimedia Projects below.

Ji kerema xwe hêj ko we guherandinan nekir bixwînin

The Wikipedia Test Wiki is not:

  • A place to put content or anything meaningful;
  • An area to play with administrator's tools. If you are looking for that, see Wikipedia:Requests/Tools;
  • A place where you can test AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) before being given permission to use it;
  • Where nonsense articles will stick;
  • A web host, wiki host, or files (video, image etc.) host;
  • A test for new projects or language versions of Wikipedia, see Incubator and Wikispore instead;
  • Where you can get away with everything;
  • Where libel will be tolerated;
  • A community. least from what I've heard.

The Wikipedia Test Wiki is for developers to test their code without breaking all of Wikimedia and blowing up the world.

The Wikipedia Test Wiki may also be used in a classroom environment for teaching basic wiki editing to avoid the great confusion resulting from creating pages and breaking a regular project, although this may not always be desirable because of the occasional difference between the test interface and a typical Wikimedia project interface.

Destûrên Xwestî


Wikipedia-Test Administrator.png

Administrators are editors who have the extra ability to:

  • Block and unblock other users
  • Delete and undelete pages on the site
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Edit pages in the MediaWiki namespace (e.g., MediaWiki:Sidebar)
  • View deleted edits of a page
  • View any contributions by a user to pages which are deleted.

There are currently 297 administrators on Test Wikipedia. For a list, see Special:ListUsers/sysop.

Becoming an administrator

Administrator rights can be requested at Wikipedia:Requests/Permissions. A bureaucrat will decide on the request then. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  1. Be active and trusted on other projects and preferably be a sysop elsewhere, or
  2. Demonstrate a need for the access (e.g. developers).

Losing admin rights

Admins are subject to having their user rights removed after one year of inactivity on this wiki. If they want the rights back, they can make a request.


The Bureaucrats' logo
The Bureaucrats' logo

Bureaucrats of Test Wiki are simply editors who are able to:

To become a bureaucrat, one must first be an administrator (details). For a full list of bureaucrats on Test Wikipedia, see Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat. Please do not ask bureaucrats for rights directly on their talk page unless you've previously interacted with them.

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