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Questa è una wiki di prova che corre sul software MediaWiki software. Ordinarily it runs the same version of the code as (plus other wikis in "group 0"), but may be configured differently with experimental features. The contents of this site may be volatile and buggy.

L'attuale versione di MediaWiki in questa wiki e 1.32.0-wmf.4 (178f56f). See Wikipedia:Configuration and wikitech:testwiki for information about the configuration of this wiki.

What we do on this wiki

This is a website for the developers of Wikimedia wikis (that means a number of well-known wikis, including those below) to test their latest coding. This site is a "testing area" of sorts, which allows code to be tested in a controlled environment, without damaging other wikis.

This is not Wikipedia or any other content wiki—for them see below—but rather a testing ground for developers. There's not much you can do here unless you're testing code; if you're looking to contribute content, you may wish to visit one of the Wikimedia Projects below.

Please note: there is a new test cluster created as a replacement for prototype.wikimedia available here. It is a clone of all production wikis, where developers and regular users can test new features before we deploy them to production wiki. In case you want to test gadgets or user scripts on any Wikimedia project, you can also use that site. is not for testing of unreviewed software or MediaWiki, it is a last place where software is deployed before it goes to live production. New software, extensions and gadgets can be deployed immediately to the deployment cluster.

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