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Item Stats

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Item Uses

Category: Items
Sub-Category: Uncategorized
Classification: Unknown


Stack Size: Unknown
Shop Unit Price[1]: Unknown


Obtain From

  1. ^ Shop unit price is based off of maximum durability, price will vary as durability lowers if the item has a durability stat.


|icon = Use this only if the icon is the same as another item which already
        has an icon uploaded.  Syntax Samples: Gift_Bag, Red_Dice_Chest

|class = Category the item belongs in according to 
                the Inventory Classification window in-game.
                Valid values: Tools, Materials, Other

|subCategory = DomoWikia sub category for division of pages.
               Valid values: 
               Recovery Item, Onyx, Dice Chest, Skill Consumable,
               Coupon, Event Item, Quest Item, Raw Material, Ingredient

|level = Level restriction on use of item.

|dura = Durability on item.  (Can also use |durability)

|effect = Effects of usable items

|timer = Re-use timer for the item

|shareTimer = Items that share the reuse timer of the item

|desc = Description of item

|price = Shop unit price of item at full durability

|alchItems = Items made via alchemy with this item as an ingredient
             Syntax: [[Item1]],  [[Item2]], [[Item3]], etc...

|upgItems = Items upgraded with this item as an ingredient
            Syntax: [[Item1]],  [[Item2]], [[Item3]], etc...

|quests = Quests that have this item as a requirement to proceed with.
          Syntax:  : [[Quest1]]
                   : [[Quest2]]
                   : [[Quest3]]

|refine = Items created through refinement of this item.

|other = Other uses for this item (ie: producing other items via methods
         that do not follow the above methods)

|gainItem = Location to obtain the item 
            (obtained from monster, quest, item, or npc only

|gainRecipe = Location to obtain the recipe to create the item

|alchLv = Alchemy level required to create the item(|alchemyLevel)

|mat = Materials needed to create the item