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purpose: inter project / inter site linking via VIAF id's; please read VIAF Virtual International Authority File, LCCN Library of Congress Control Number, PND Personennamendatei
help: mw:help:Extension:ParserFunctions, mw:Extension:StringFunctions, special:Version ("Extension:StringFunctions" is not available here)
statistics: de:template:NORMDATENCOUNT
changes here:

  1. optional parameter TSURL is the trailer in the link to "toolserver.org/~apper/pd/person/trailer"
    if not present the trailer will be generated via {{PAGENAMEE}}
    {{PAGENAMEE}} is not a permanent link because the Wikipedia article might be moved / renamed either in the local Wikipedia or in the German Wikipedia
    with some code changes a hierarchical order migtht be implemented: most international value is "viaf/foo", "pnd/bar" is pretty stable, if neither one is available the url based on the "wgArticleId" from the German Wikipadia should be used (one should use the "peende/foobar" format)
    examples: Gilad Shalit and Richard Wagner (novelist) (where the page name differs from the one used in German Wikipedia)
  2. the value N/A for optional parameter TSURL should be used in other then the German Wikipedia if no article is available in wp:de: ; example: Peter Motzan
  3. parameter WORLDCATID helps generating the "WorldCat identities" ; examples: Alex Jacobowitz and Horst Samson
  4. note: the mw:Extension:StringFunctions is not activated in WikiMedia Foundation projects; do not use "{{#explode: ...}}" at your local wiki; this is why template:ParmPart as for {{ParmPart|1|{{{LCCN}}} }} is used
  5. 11:59, 24 September 2011 (UTC): added |MAGNUS-SEARCH|{{PAGENAME}}
  6. 16:24, 24 September 2011 (UTC): de.WP • PND→VIAF • _g_

see also: (→)

  1. de:template talk:Normdaten#Zusammenhang_zwischen_LCCN_Parameter_und_WorldCat_identities
  2. ro:template talk:Normdaten#erroneous_links_to_toolserver.org
  3. en:template:Worldcat idtalk
  4. help required: en:project:WikiProject User scripts/Requests#partial_link_substitution
  5. what might help:
    1. mw:jQuery
    2. Quietube Auto-Redirect
  6. tools': user:לערי ריינהארט/monobook.js • adds a "Short url" link based on "wgArticleId" to the "Toolbox"
  7. changes compared to de:emplate:Normdaten: replaces "{{padleft:{{ParmPart|3|{{{LCCN}}} }}|6|0}}" with "{{ParmPart|3|{{{LCCN}}}}"
    2011-08-18: http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/ -> and http://errol.oclc.org/laf/ {{ParmPart|3|{{{LCCN}}} -> {{padleft:{{ParmPart|3|{{{LCCN}}} }}|6|0}}
  8. preliminary status: commons:category:VIAF inter project linking
  9. mw:thread:Project:Support_desk/URLENCODE_and_related_functions_as_encodeURIComponent about the "|QUERY", "|WIKI" and "|PATH" options for {{URLENCODE}}
  10. Authority control/viaf.user.js Greasemonkey-Skript/RegEx tests

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