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Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Transclusion_count/data/P' not found. This template is used to produce a link in a box to a portal.


{{Portal|Name|image=Image|size=Size|boxsize=Boxsize|break=yes|left=yes|margin=Margin|link=Target|alt=Alt text}}
The name of the portal.

The following additional parameters are available. They are all optional, the default values are chosen to give a good look and feel across the encylopedia and should not be overridden without good reason.

The image to use for the portal's icon. This defaults to an image that is specified in Template:Portal/Images/PortalName for the portal, or a generic image, and should not be overridden without good reason. There is a list of all such images.
The width of the icon, as an integer. This is in units of pixels. The default is 32. The icon is also constrained to be at most 28 pixels high.
The width of the box, as an integer. This is in units of pixels. The default is to use a box wide enough to hold the text, if possible.
In the text, put a line break between the portal's name and the word "portal".
Float the box to the left instead of to the right.
The margin around the box. By default, the box is surrounded by a margin of width 0.5em, but this can be customized using |margin=top right bottom left (e.g., |margin=0.25em 0 0.25em 0.25em) or removed using |margin=0 (zero).
the link target for the image. If the target is empty, the image does not link to anything; if "File:", the image links to its file page; otherwise, the image links to the specified Wikipeda page or URL. The default is "File:" if Image is specified, and is empty otherwise. Target can be the name of a Wikipedia page, and it can be a URL. Normally the target should not also be a target of the adjacent text, as that would be overlinking. If Image or nonempty Target is specified, nonempty Alt text should also be specified. The |link= parameter should not be used if that would conflict with the licensing requirements of the image; see Purely decorative images.
|alt=Alt text
The alt text for the image, for visually impaired readers; see Wikipedia:Alternative text for images. The default is empty. If |link=File: (or Image without any use of the |link= parameter) is specified, the alt text should describe the image's visual appearance; if |link= specifies some other nonempty link target, the alt text should describe the icon's function.


Within articles, this template is meant to be placed at the bottom of the article in the See also section.


{{Portal|Spaceflight|RocketSunIcon.svg|alt=Rocket orbiting star}}
{{Portal|Spaceflight|RocketSunIcon.svg |link=Special:Search
 |alt=Search spaceflight portal

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