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James Heilman
This is my personal account. Am working to set up another account for my role on the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees (Community Selected Member)
All people deserve access to high quality health information in the language of their choice and in a format that they can access. I believe that by working together we can achieve this dream.

About me

I am an editor most active on the English Wikipedia were I go by the name User:Doc James. I am an emergency physician by profession and have been working on Wikipedia for more than ten years.

My work

My main efforts involve improving Wikipedia's medical content. I am working in collaboration with Translators Without Borders among others to try to take a few small steps towards improving our content not only in English but a wide variety of other languages. You can read more about the efforts here. We would love your help and guidance.

Disclaimer: Comments by this account represent my personal positions and are not made in an official capacity unless stated otherwise

Contact me

jmh649 at gmail dot com

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IIAB codes

sudo su -

iiab-admin / g0adm1n


Add modules from NUC

df (determines the folder)

rsync -av /library/zims/content/<filename> /media/usb0/library/zims/content

iiab-make-kiwix-lib (to reindex kiwix)

umount /media/usb0 (also do usb1)

Adding HealthPhone

Turning on KA lite

nano /etc/iiab/local_vars.yml (switch install and enabled to true)

cd /opt/iiab/iiab

runrole kalite

Edit menu


nano /library/www/html/home/index.html

nano /library/www/html/home/menu.json

Making modules

cd /library/www/html/iiab-menu/menu-files/menu-defs/

cp es-wikipedia_es_all_novid.json es-wikipedia_es_all_nopic.json

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