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rev-ID : 691

bugzilla:02329 [1] – "Spaces are not replaced with underscores using localurSome special pages show underscores in article titles"
bugzilla:05014 [2] – "Option in special:Preferences which replaces underlines with spaces in wiki links; if possible also in TOC and headers"



* [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}/foo bar]]
** [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}/foo bar#section header containing spaces]]
** [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}/foo bar#section header containing spaces|section header containing spaces]]
* [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}/foo_bar]]
** [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}/foo_bar#section_header_containing_spaces]]
** [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}/foo_bar#section_header_containing_spaces|section_header_containing_spaces]]


  1. links are underlined at 'wikicities'
  2. links are not underlined at 'test'


bugzilla:02329 is marked as FIXED. That bug has a summary about a compleately different issue.
In the paste "_" produced "bolded" / "ugly" " in wiki links. However there was no rendering distinction if spaces or underscores where used in wiki link markup.

  1. Question: Is the rendering without underscores more elegant and should be suppressed or should the underscores be "preserved"?
  2. Question: Is this a configuration option of
    1. of the wiki
    2. in special:Preferences

regards Gangleri | w: Th | T 14:02, 16 February 2006 (UTC)