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    My Village GARIKAPADU(A Small Village in Andhra Pradesh, India)

    GARIKAPADU village is situated in AP, in the District Guntur (India). It is 11 km from Ponnur. Ponnur is small town, situated on Costal Train Highway from Calcutta to kanayakumari. It is famous for its ancient Bhavannarayan temple.

    About my village, it is not associated with any historical event; however it is unique in many ways. It is important to me because my lots of memories are associated with this. This is a small village with approximately 1000 houses, which includes the 700 houses of Kammas(Chowdaries) and 150 houses of SC’s and 150 ST’s houses from the lower castes.

    This village is famous for education, which has Government school established in 1964.For this school, so many students will come from different dependent villages like Telagaya palem, Pandra padu, B K palem and B.V palem etc.Even though so many privates English medium schools in the near town, It has its own uniqueness in the education.

    Though it is small village, but it is unique in its structure. Here everybody is dependable on each other. Most of the lands are owned by the Kammas’s, approximately about 80%. It is difficult for them to manage all the lands. Therefore they take the help of people from lower caste.

    This is the main resources of earning for the people of lower caste. In this unique way all castes are totally dependable on each other. Nobody can survive without the help of other. One of the main incomes in the village is Milk.

    Second unique thing about my village is its water system.Britishers dug the big canal from Vijayawada to madras. This canal name we will call it as “Krista kaluva”, but the original name is “Bakim Ham” Canal, with the length of 480 kms.In this canal 2 cusecs of water will pass, the total cultivated land depends on this canal.This canal was made by Britishers with great contribution by Bakim Ham.

    Third is the calm environment of my village. This calmness is like a meditation. One can hear the voice of canal water. People talks from km away can be heard. In cities, we will ever get this opportunity. Here one can hear nature talking to him and see lot of miracles of nature. I invite people to explore the beauty of my village and Andhra Pradesh. You will really like this for your life.

    By ......... Ravindra Doddapaneni