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    Me during my enwiki request for adminship.
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    My name is Tamzin. Yes, that's a real name, pronounced /'tæmzɪn/ in most American accents. I take she/her or they/them pronouns. In languages that uses masculine/feminine grammatical gender, I take a feminine one—Wikipédienne, not Wikipédien. See w:en:User:Tamzin/Gender for more information.

    My current big project is trying to make m:Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Toki Pona 2 happen. sina toki pona la, o toki tawa mi lon ni, o kama tawa lipu Wikipesija, o pona e pali suli.

    Wikis I'm active(-ish) on

    See Special:CentralAuth/Tamzin for a full accounting of where I've edited and what permissions I have.

    English Wikipedia
    My home wiki. My primary userpage is at w:en:User:Tamzin. I'm an administrator and Sockpuppet Investigations clerk, so if you see me popping up on a random wiki to revert a vandal, that's why. I also do a lot of work on navigational aids such as redirects, and sometimes write content on topics like the Russo-Ukrainian War (w:en:List of journalists killed in the Russo-Ukrainian War) and U.S. law (w:en:Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach (2013)). I also maintain a bot, w:en:User:'zinbot.
    Wikidata-logo.svg Wikidata
    I was an administrator on this wiki from February 2013 to June 2014, and later was a bot operator with d:User:AmpersandBot. I'm still active there to an extent, although less these days. See d:Special:Contributions/Tamzin.
    Wikisource-logo.svg English Wikisource
    I have been intermittently active on this wiki over the years, mostly to transcribe Supreme Court cases. See s:en:Special:Contributions/Tamzin.
    Test wiki logo Admin.svg Test-Wikidata-administrator.png Test wikis
    As a vestige of my Wikidata admin days, I am an admin on Test Wikipedia and Test Wikidata. There's not much to say about that, but if you do happen to run into a vandal on either, let me know. See testwiki:Special:Contributions/Tamzin and testwikidata:User:Tamzin. (I am very proud of that userpage.)

    Wikis I'd like to be more active on


    I previously edited as PinkAmpersand. See w:en:User:Tamzin/Disclosures and commitments for more information.