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My name is Tamzin. (That's pronounced /'tæmzɪn/.) I take she/her or they/them pronouns.[1] I sometimes lean toward one or the other, but there's absolutely no way for anyone to ever guess which, so feel free to pick in as arbitrary a fashion as you'd like.[2] I am fine being referred to by either feminine or neuter gendered terms (e.g. woman or person; sister or sibling). If referring to me in a language that uses masculine/feminine grammatical gender, please use feminine. Thus, Wikipédienne, not Wikipédien.

I go through peaks and troughs of editing frequency. When I edit, I try to stick to quieter tasks, avoiding the busier parts of projectspace.

mi sona pona e toki pona.

  1. I am a nonbinary transfem.
  2. RIP the parser in my signature that put my pronouns in random order, which was too cool for Echo to handle.
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This account's first 13,000 edits or so, over the course of eight years, were under two previous usernames. (You can look them up in the logs if you care.) I started this account when I was 16, and its earlier edits betray a lot of the impulsivity of youth. I consider my second rename (in October of 2020) to have been the softest of clean starts: no change of account, no attempt to hide my past, but a request that I be judged primarily by my edits as User:Tamzin. I refer to my past wiki-life from time to time when relevant, but generally do not take credit for anything I accomplished then, as it would be unfair to do so while simultaneously asking to be forgiven failings from the same timeframe.