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    Itcouldbepossible (talkcontribs)

    Hi Yahya. I am from the Can you tell me why this gadget was created? There is already Special:UrlShortener. What was the need of this new gadget?

    Yahya (talkcontribs)

    Please remember that, this is a test wiki. And I created this gadget under bnwiki section. That means this gadget is used by Bengali Wikipedia community. And it is a popular gadget there. This gadget uses mw:Extension:ShortUrl, not mw:Extension:UrlShortener (that powers Special:UrlShortener). I imported this gadget to test it by adding some features. After that I noticed, ShortUrl extension is not available on testwiki. So I will remove it soon. Regards.

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    Yahya (talkcontribs)

    Yes ;)

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    IvanLanin (talkcontribs)

    Hi, Yahya. I'm just trying out the Newcomer feature.

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    Yahya (talkcontribs)


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