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Script adds 3 links to your Watchlist:

  • «Only new» reloads watchlist, showing only new changes — since the page was loaded. This is pretty much the same as «Show new changes starting from … » link in Recent changes.
  • «Sort…» will sort rows by namespace (keeping base and talk pages together) and then by page title. This is convenient if there are a lot of changes and first you want to check any changes to templates, then to project pages, and so on…
  • «Unwatch…» will add (x) link to every row, allowing you to instantly unwatch any page (and then instantly watch it again if you changed your mind):
21:18 (x) Somepage (diff; hist)    21:18 (+) Somepage (diff; hist)

Tested in IE6/7, Firefox 1.5/2, Opera 9, Safari 3. Source code: MediaWiki:Gadget-watchlist.js.