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Wikipedia Test-Wiki is for developers.

Please read this: This wiki does not exist for users to test out random nonsense on an exhaustive basis; it's here for developers to check that changes to the code aren't going to cripple the live sites. See also: WP:WWD and WP:NOT.

As a result, administrator status is still not going to be given out to all and sundry. This isn't an arena for you to play with the tools, or mess about, nor is it somewhere you should be testing your bots, etc. - If you want a place that is for you to test out sysop tools, etc, try these sites.

Having said that, if you do need administrator status for a particular reason, request this status and ensure that your userpage here is linked to your home wiki project.

Requests for user rights

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IHurbainPalatin (WMF)


  • Bedivere (talkmessageemailcontribs (deletedglobal) • stalkCAmovessummarycountlogsblock logblockrights)
  • Motive for request: I plan to work on test articles for the Spanish Wikipedia, using pywikipedia and AWB indistinctively. Sysop would be required to clean up my mess and for testing some plugins for eventual use in eswiki. I can also do some maintenance here if needed. Although a recent user of Wikimedia, I have used MediaWiki for over a decade and am eager to find some ways to contribute to this great project; being a sysop here will be only for testing purposes and eventual maintenance if needed. --Bedivere (talk) 17:10, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Requested rights: Sysop
  • Comments: X mark.svg Not done. Feel free to make reasonable amounts of test pages within your User:x/ space without concern for cleaning them up (Feel free to tag anything you want deleted with Template:speedy). If you want to test tools that require sysop access see these sites: Wikipedia:Requests/Tools. -- Xaosflux (bar/foo) talk 13:37, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]


  • Ericliu1912 (talkmessageemailcontribs (deletedglobal) • stalkCAmovessummarycountlogsblock logblockrights)
  • Motive for request: I've recently become translate administrator on Meta-Wiki. I want to practice translation markup more as some pages and templates are relatively difficult to prepare and mark for translation, and I don't want to accidentally break anything on Meta.
  • Requested rights: Translate administrator
  • Comments: